Personal Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance is the term for policies that protect your vehicle by allowing you to integrate most of our plans.

This policy is paid annually and covers four main areas:

  • Liability - covers any personal or property damages caused by a car accident, in case you turn out to be legally responsible for it
  • Comprehensive - covers damages to the insured vehicle from causes other than collision, such as vandalism, fire, and theft
  • Collision - pays for the damages to the insured vehicle caused by a collision with another car or object
  • Medical Expenses - covers the medical and funeral expenses of the auto occupants when the damages are received while in the insured vehicle​

Boat Insurance

Our Boat Insurance lets you enjoy your favorite hobby at ease. The policy covers both you and the Bank, providing two options to insure your vessel: a Single Interest protection that covers the remaining balance of your boat loan in case of a total loss; or an Individual or Private insurance that covers vessel damages, public liability, & medical expenses for the owner and the crew.​​​

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